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Yi has provided action junkies a more cost effective way to document their adventures with their action cameras. It started with a first-generation camera then progressed to a 4K option. Sitting in between those two options is the Yi Lite, which combines the features of both its predecessors.

Tough and easy to use 

One of the features the Yi Lite borrowed from the 4K variant is the Gorilla Glass 2.0” LCD touchscreen. The glass can resist scratches and impact associated with active adventures.

The interface is intuitive, making it easy for a first-timer to use. An accompanying app is also available so you can add more to your videos like adding music or titles before sharing on social media.

Compact form 

Small is definitely the way to go when it comes to self-documenting adventures. But just because it’s small doesn’t mean the Yi Lite is particularly lacking in features. Yes, it offers a bit less than the Yi 4K but a lot has been packed into this small wonder.

Yi managed to fit in a 2.0” LCD touchscreen, equip a Sony Exmor Image Sensor, and include a Hisilicon Hi3556 chipset into a compact body. With these elements working together, you can review your footage with great clarity, capture 16MP stills, and record for 130 minutes. 

1080p and 4K video 

The Yi Lite allows the capture of both 1080p and 4K video. Unlike the Yi 4K which can shoot at 60fps, the Lite version can only go as far as shoot 4K at 15fps. Then again, it also offers a 1080p at 60fps option, which is pretty decent given its $100 price tag.

Video stabilization 

Adventure footage isn’t expected to provide a sense of stability given that those who document are always on the move. There are ways to address this through the use of handheld rigs or editing in post, but what if it can be addressed without the additional effort?

The Yi Lite is able to deal with motion blur with electronic image stabilization. This feature is similar to what the GoPro Hero 5 offers. It differs from optical image stabilization in that footage is cropped to achieve the effect of stabilization.

Shooting modes 

Timelapses work well with adventures. It summarizes an hours-long journey in just a few short minutes. With the Yi Lite, you can capture 4K and HD timelapses. It is also possible to record video and timelapse photos at the same time.

Highlighting a moment in slow motion is also a common instance in adventure videos. Be it performing a trick stunt on a skateboard or surfing a big wave, the skill and effort put into these are best highlighted when footage is slowed down. With the Yi Lite, you can use the slow-motion shooting mode to capture such scenes.

Instant sharing 

Gone are the days when sharing one’s adventures on social media took a few days. Advanced connectivity capabilities such as built-in WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy allow you to connect to your smartphone to share images and footage of your adventure.

Final Thoughts

The Yi brand is known for its budget offerings, but the series of cameras they have released have been capable devices. Adding to that list of capable and sensibly priced choices is the Yi Lite. It may not have that many flashy features but it does what is required of it: take better footage and stills of action adventures. It also has the added bonus of not bearing a hefty price tag.

Features & Details
16MP still image capture. Sony Exmor Image Sensor. 4K/15fps, 1080p/60fps
Hisilicon Hi3556 chipset. 2.0” LCD Screen with 320x240 resolution. 150° ultra-wide angle lens
up to 130 mins of battery life at 1080p/60fps. Built-in Wi-Fi and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

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