JB Racing M14-C1 Mobile Holder Mirror Mount

JB Racing M14-C1 Mobile Holder Mirror Mount

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M14-C1 Bicycle Motorcycle phone holder–Easy access to your phone during long rides

Need to access your phone during a long ride? The M14-C1 phone holder helps you do just that. With mirror mounting, you can look at the navigation route without taking your eyes off the road.

Durability: M14-C1, made with aluminium brackets coupled with a stainless steel, polycarbonate, and ABS construction, the phone holder is tough and can last through harsh riding conditions, staying with you for a long time.

Seamless Navigation: The phone holder is designed to be mounted on the mirror, allowing you easy access to navigation without interrupting your ride.

Universal fit: The M14-C1 phone holder is a versatile product and can be used with any phone model or motorcycle. Might not suit your Nokia 3300 though J

Product Details

Colour: Black

Primary Material: Stainless steel PC+ABS

Suitable for: All motorcycles and phones

Inclusions/exclusions: Charger not included

Warranty: 30 Days replacement warranty on manufacturing defects. Just give us a call.