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FEGO Float Air Suspension seat for motorcycles and bikes


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  • Type: Air Suspension Seat for Motorcycles
  • Size: Length= 30cm; Width=32cm; Height= 2.5cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Leather outside cover and TPU inner material
  • Weight: 449 grams
  • Additional: Rain covers


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  • Float air suspension for motorcycles is designed to increase ride comfort
  • It reduces harshness of vibrations by 46%
  • Fego float with its unique pressure distribution technology distributes pressure evenly amongst all cells.
  • Enables riders to ride twice the distance than he/she can on normal seats
  • Reduces pain on the buttocks 
  • The seat comes with rain cover that can be used during heavy rains
  • Works best for all cruisers(Harley Davidson, Avenger etc.,) touring bikes(Royal Enfield all models) and scooters. (Honda Activa, TV Jupiter, HeroMaestro, Yamaha Fascino, Vespa etc.,).Works great for a pillion


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