1 Pair HJG 9 LED Round Auxiliary Light + Auxiliary Light Switch

1 Pair HJG 9 LED Round Auxiliary Light + Auxiliary Light Switch

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HJG 9 LED Auxiliary Light:

We present the HJG 9 LED Auxiliary Light. This is a revolution in the lighting technology of motorcycles from HJG. It is a small and compact fog light. This is a powerful fog light that can light up the harshest of viewing conditions. This product has powerful LEDs that provide maximum visibility and makes you visible on the road.

The brightness of the HJG 9 LED VISION Auxiliary Light can be compared to a Xenon lamp. The product is compatible with almost all vehicles. It has a waterproof design. The product is usable in any kind of weather and road conditions.

Auxiliary Switch:

Switches are no longer boring! Install our universal auxiliary lights switch to turn on and off your fog lamps and you no longer are compromising on looks and functionality. The design of the product is simple and stylish. This is a universal product and is suitable for any motorcycles. This is a waterproof switch thus making it all weather proof. It is straight-forward to install this product and this can be hooked on to any lights or even for other generic purposes.