LED Projector light with dual ring

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LED Projector Light with Dual ring fog lights for motorcycles

Introducing the all new LED projector styled fog light for motorcycles with dual rings. This is a special designed fog light that takes inspiration from the projector lens. This unique specialty gives this fog light a significant edge over other fog lights in terms of visibility. 

This fog light has dual rings around it which gives the product a special look. This can also make the product look good on your motorcycle. 

This is a direct fit fog light and any trained professional with the basic knowledge about motorcycle electricals can install this. This one can be a do it yourself product but since we do not want to hamper with the electricals of the motorcycle, we recommend the assistance of trained professional. 

For installation assistance reach our technical team at +91 8089020202

Please do note that fog lights can some times be very sharp and precise to facilitate the purpose it serves. Thus, please make sure that the product installed does not hamper the visibility of oncoming traffic and make our roads a safer place. Products like these are intended to give you additional visibility in specific situations.

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