MT Combo-Trident Crash Guard With Big Slider+Trail Carrier+Flu.Orange Metal visor 3.0

MT Combo-Trident Crash Guard With Big Slider+Trail Carrier+Flu.Orange Metal visor 3.0

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Trident Crash Guard:

Everyone is in the search for new accessories budding in the market. And accessorizing has become a mandatory rule among the riders. Do you ever felt really confusing to choose on for your motorcycle? The hard part is to select a product that meets your requirement for style as well as protection. Among them the crash guards are not an easy pick, so you have to know more before buying. Why do you need a crash guard? A crash guard can protect your motorcycle during an event of an accident or crash. The product featured here is specially designed for Yamaha MT 15. This Crash guard is strongly built with additional sliders on the sides and give added protection to the motorcycle. The stylish and sporty design of the product looks well with the overall look of the motorcycle.

Expedition Trail Carrier:

Want more space to carry your luggage? Presenting the perfect solution for your luggage carrying problems on the Yamaha MT15. The Expedition Carrier is now available and a direct fit on the MT15. Carrying additional luggage on riding can sometimes feel difficult. Carriers are available in the market to cope up with this. The expedition carrier comes with a metal base that enables you to mount heavy luggage on top of it. For a long-lasting design, the product featured here is made with mild steel and comes with a powder-coated finish.

Metal Visor 2.0

Come lets play some colors on your beast..! This new metal visor is similar in color and most suitable for the mt15 model. Now let the oncoming ones focus only on your vehicle. This metal visor is very strong and rigid. Made of cold roll steel, this excellent visor base plate has a powder coated finish and the upper plate has a high quality primer and paint finish. It is designed to make your motorcycle more attractive.