Yamaha R15 V3 Combo-Bolt Visor Smoke +Mirror With 2 Side Indicator +Frame Slider Black +Winglet 2.0 Black

Yamaha R15 V3 Combo-Bolt Visor Smoke +Mirror With 2 Side Indicator +Frame Slider Black +Winglet 2.0 Black

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Bold Visor

An exclusively designed Bolt Visor, which improves the riding experience by enhancing the aerodynamics and giving the looks you’ve always wanted. The new Bolt Visor ensures comfortable riding by reducing the air impact on the rider’s face, shielding from dry air in summers and cold air in winters. R15 V3 Bolt Visor comes with a sturdy and durable design. Know more about the product: What makes the difference? Many kinds of visors are available in the market and we do sell different variants for each motorcycle model. So you might be looking for a detailed description. A bolt visor is an imported product. So the product quality and features are advanced. And the design is also improved to give a sporty look to your motorcycle. The polycarbonate material itself makes the product stronger. Polycarbonate material will be strong, hard and tough, and that helps to increase the product quality.


This one is a product designed for motorcycles that have fairings. This product has in-built indicators that are made of high-quality LEDs that can be spotted from distances. The product has a carbon finish and is made of high-quality plastic that can withstand faster speeds. The indicator is aerodynamically designed.

Product Features:

  1. Universal product - suitable for all motorcycles with fairings
  2. Carbon finish 
  3. Comes with in-built turn indicators 
  4. Replaces the stock side front fairing mirrors

Frame Slider

Protect your two-wheeled beauty with our frame sliders! Made of CNC Aluminium, this frame slider protects your Yamaha R15 V3 in the time of unexpected crashes and accidents. They are durable and can be used longer. With a stylish and sleek design, these frame sliders up the style quotient of your bike while also allowing you to embrace your love for speed. A brief of what our product means to you and your motorcycle:  Frame Slider! As the name suggests, it is an economical product that could ensure maximum protection. CNC Aluminium – Being the most preferred material in the manufacturing sector, CNC Aluminium shows efficient machinability and hence the product can be designed and made perfectly. Our R&D department had wisely chosen T6061 Aluminium that provides a good strength-to-weight ratio. And the material is also resistant to rust.

Tail Light

Now give your Yamaha R15 V3 a completely stylish look with our integrated LED Taillight. This product has indicators as well as the brake light that is jointly integrated into one specially designed stylish tail light. This Yamaha R15 V3  tail light with led multicolour has powerful led which ensures maximum visibility and also keeps you safe on the road. Integrated indicators also come with this tail light. These indicators will make your motorcycle the stylish one which you are looking for. The brake light transforms into a side indicator when is prompted.

It is a two-in-one integrated tail light and indicator. It has a stylish and sporty design with long-lasting materials in the manufacture of the product. You can transform your motorcycle with this LED taillight and attached integrated indicators. This is a completely integrated high-quality LED taillight with indicators attached to it. This integrated LED taillight adds more style and sportiness to your motorcycle.

A completely integrated high-quality LED taillight with indicators. This product adds more style and sportiness to your V3. With high-quality LED lights that are powerful and stylishly designed, this is one product that can make your tail end look even more attractive and stylish.

Winglet 2.0

Designed with care using durable acrylic material, the Yamaha R15 V3 Winglet 2.0 adds to the visual appeal of your motorcycle. These are attached under the headlight on the fairing and give your motorcycle a sporty look.

Exclusive Design: Winglet 2.0 is exclusively designed for your Yamaha R15 with a unique shape that increases the visual appeal of your motorcycle.

Visual Upgrade: Need a sportier look for your R15? Winglet 2.0 is here with a visual upgrade from Winglet 1.0.

In For A Long Ride: Made with durable acrylic material, the winglet is here to stay with you for all your motorcycle adventures in the future.

A Direct Fit: This winglet is easy to install. With just the right grooves, Winglet 2.0 is made to fit perfectly to your R15.

Product Details:

Available colours: Black, red, and blue

Primary Material: Acrylic

Suitable for: Yamaha R15

Warranty: 30 Days replacement warranty for manufacturer defects. Just give us a call.