Yamaha R15 V3 - Tortoises Flushmount Indicator Blue + Winglet 1.0 Grey

Yamaha R15 V3 - Tortoises Flushmount Indicator Blue + Winglet 1.0 Grey

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Are you in search of something new and stylish for your motorcycle?

Presenting, the EXCLUSIVE TORTOISES FLUSH MOUNT INDICATOR that is our new flush mount indicator along with LED light that is specially designed for motorcycles along with body kits. The product is manufactured for swapping your normal indicator with our latest EXCLUSIVE TORTOISES FLUSH MOUNT INDICATOR. These are the powerful lights that ensures that you are visible on the road and make sure of the safety.

This is a Universal product that does not suit with the naked motorcycles. This product allows you to make every move a signed stylish. The products of Bandidos are only sold after a proper quality check. Now it is the time to relish your ride with Bandidos. Check for more products that are specially designed for you. This is a LED indicator with a Tortoise design. It is suitable for all the motorcycles along with a body kit. It is a Direct-fit product. For this product, no other additional fittings are required.


Winglets are simple accessories installed under the headlight, on the fairing of your motorcycle to give it a visual upgrade and a sportier look. The Winglet 1.0 is one of top selling models of winglet for the R15 model due to its sporty design and visual appeal. This product adds a more race inspired look to your ride.