Like many great ideas, Bandidos was born out of necessity. The Bandidos story started with 4 passionate riders getting together in 2014. Between the 4 of them, their motorcycling experience included professional racing & stunt shows, adventure riding, touring and the usual daily commuting. Since then, Bandidos Pitstop has grown from a small brick & mortar store in Thrissur (Kerala) to one of the most respected brands and online destinations for mid-range and premium motorcycle accessories in India

Motorcycling by its very nature is something that creates a very special bond amongst everyone passionate about it, a bond deeply rooted in shared experiences. Today with an online community of more than 3,19,000 loyal followers and counting, Bandidos is dedicated to providing new and experienced riders with world-class expertise, innovation, community, service, and support.

To become the leader in Mid-Range & Premium Motorcycle accessories' segment in India by inspiring and enhancing the motorcycling experiences of 20 Million riders by 2024

Our mission is to produce and continually develop quality products at a competitive price by getting it right the first time itself. We utilise proprietary technology and the expertise of our team members which made us the pioneers of organising the motorcycle accessories segment in India. Our forward-looking processes of coordinating assets to optimise delivery has helped us create a substantial online presence in all marketplaces. We continue to innovate and develop new approaches that will help us grow our customer base and achieve our target of more than 20 million riders by 2024.

  • Community first
  • Passion for innovation
  • Excellence in Quality
  • For the people
  • Nurture Talent

We believe in building positive long-term relationships with our suppliers, staff, and customers. We run various programs to help new riders become better riders and also ignite the passion of riding in people who are yet to discover their love for riding. We also work with many amateur and professional racers to help them find a solid footing in the developing world of Indian motorsports.